Although permanent teeth are supposed to last for a lifetime, there are a variety of reasons because of which they may need to be removed, such as:

  • Deep dental decay
  • Trauma
  • Badly broken teeth
  • Gum disease

Tooth extraction, when done by a skilled dentist, is a relatively quick outpatient procedure which is usually carried out under local anaesthesia.

Wisdom teeth are not useful for chewing or appearance. However, if infected they may cause severe pain, swelling, fever, pus discharge and inability to open mouth.

Most people have wisdom teeth. These teeth erupt after 18years of age.

Inform your dentist about any medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, blood pressure that you are suffering from (even if it’s under control). Also mention any medication you are currently taking or history of hospitalization or major surgery that you have underwent within the last 2 years.

After removal feel free to have your favourite ice cream within an hour.


  • Apply ice packs on the affected side.
  • Take your medication as prescribed.
  • Keep the area clean.
  • Take soft diet.
  • Go for checkup after 24hours
  • Don’ts:

  • Apply any heat or have anything hot.
  • Avoid spitting or gargling within the first 24hours.
  • Don’t apply any pressure on the area.
  • Don’t try to pull your cheek or lip to check the extraction site.
  • Don’t have hard or sour food.
  • Don’t miss your appointment for follow up.
  • No! Here at Dentall Icon, our experienced dentists are very equipped to remove the tooth with little or no discomfort.

    No! Bony spicules are quite common. These resorb on their own without any intervention.

    It depends on case to case. It usually persists for 2-3 days following major cases. Follow the instructions given by your dentist and take all medications regularly.