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I was suffering from terrible shoulder ache for over years with unsuccessful mutltiple solutions. I have been treated with, What finally diagnosed as neuro muscular orthopedic problem at Dentall Icon studio . I finally got rid of chronic pain which disturbed my lifestyle to a great extent.



At the age of 40, I knew I still had long years to smile. And I could not smile due to my discolored and small teeth. I was permanently conscious of it which dampened not only my enthusiasm but also pleasurable moments cause I could not truly relish it. But after being treated at Dentall Icon Studio with smile make over that reverted the appearance of my teeth to my liking, my dream of smiling came true. I can now smile heartily.



Going to dentist that too multiple times to get rid of toothache was more fearful than bearing toothache. But at Dentall Icon Studio, the RCT that I underwent was not only painless but it was completed in one visit. Both my fears of undergoing a RCT were gone at the same time. Now I can relieve my toothache with a smile.

Kiran dhanji, mahe,shichhel.


I had lost my teeth due to decay and was having trouble in talking and eating. The replacement of teeth that I knew of were not suiting me. Dentall Icon Studio gave me an option of placing implants which mimicked natural tooth entirely including root. What I have currently in my mouth are firm teeth which look natural and does not require to be taken out frequently. I can talk and eat with total comfort without fearing if my artificial teeth will fall out or even look artificial. Its amazing feeling.