Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry which deals with detection, prevention and correction of improperly positioned teeth and jaws. It also includes modifying growth of the face.

Crooked teeth are difficult to clean properly and hence individuals with such teeth can face gum problems and discoloured teeth. Also improperly placed teeth can alter the form of the face and cause speech and chewing problems.

In past orthodontics was associated with only children and teens, however now many adults seek orthodontic treatment to correct long standing problems.

It is never too late for orthodontic treatment, but that being said the earlier you begin treatment for some problems, the better it is.

Myth: Treatment should be started at 12years.

Truth: Better to get checked between the age of 7-10years. As after a certain age only teeth position can be changed.

That will vary according to the case. It might be anywhere between 6months to 18months.

No. Certain treatment plans will eliminate the need for teeth removal.

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  • Invisible braces
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